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Tips for Proposing Retention with Your Company

If you are a CEO, COO, CMO, CTO or other senior officer of your company, it is important to understand why proposing a retention agreement with your company could be beneficial to you. If you are being recruited or an attractive opportunity has been offered or is forthcoming, it is time to consider the option […]

Circumstances Warranting Retention Agreements

In the modern business world environment, it is common for executives and other high-ranking officers to change jobs every few years. Whether they move for a more lucrative opportunity or their company merges with another entity, it is common for the company to ask the executive to sign a change of control agreement or retention […]

Top 10 Things to Consider in Retention Agreements

During a merger and acquisition, CEOs and other executives must take the negotiation of their retention agreement seriously. These contracts significantly impact your future, so you must invest your time and attention to ensure the agreement helps you and doesn’t hurt you. In other words, you should work with an experienced attorney to negotiate, review […]

What Issues to Address in Your Retention Agreement

If the company you are employed by is involved in a pending merger and acquisition (M&A) or other form of reorganization, and you are negotiating a retention agreement, having an experienced on your side is critical. Many key employees make the mistake of attempting to handle their retention contract on their own, only to realize […]

When You Should Request a Retention Agreement

As with most things in life, the sooner you start discussing retention agreements during a merger and/or acquisitions (M&A), the better. Unfortunately, many times an entity involved in a M&A leaves these negotiations to the very end of the process, which can be detrimental to both the executive and the company. Retention Contracts A retention […]