Do you know a good lawyer?

If you were defrauded in a business deal or were injured because of someone else’s negligent or intentional misconduct, do you know a good lawyer to determine whether you have a strong case? If not, how do you find a good lawyer?

You could check the yellow pages or you could even read signs on the side of the bus. You can rely on clever television ads, but are the lawyers any good? You could ask friends. How many lawyers do they know? How do they know if the lawyer excels? But do want just any lawyer? Wouldn’t you like an attorney who has handled your type of case before? If your freedom or your fortune depended on who you chose, wouldn’t you want a great lawyer? How do find such a lawyer?

You should ask a lawyer who has years of experience and thousands of contacts.

Guy Mailly has 36 years of experience and knows hundreds of lawyers—some great, some lousy. Talk to him for 5-10 minutes for free. If he thinks you have a good case, he will refer you to three lawyers who excel in the area of law that you need. Read More

Attorney Mailly

With over 36 years of experience providing sophisticated legal advice on corporate matters and related litigation, Mailly Law exclusively represents senior executives in planning, negotiating, and litigating all aspects of their executive compensation packages, including employment agreements, compensation, benefits and severance agreements. Read More..