Is it Necessary for an Attorney to Draft your Legal Documents?

We all have heard that attorney’s fees are costly, so it is normal to wonder if you actually need a lawyer to draft your legal documents. There is no mandate that your documents be drafted by a lawyer, but if saving money is what you are concerned about, the money you spend upfront to protect yourself can save you thousands, even millions, in the long run.

How does having an experienced attorney draft your contracts and other legal documents benefit you? Consider the following:

A lawyer has been trained to identify potential pitfalls or areas of liability for your company. Not only can your attorney recommend ways to remedy these areas of concern, but he/she can draft your contracts to provide certain protections. The wording in agreements is critical, so having somebody who has “seen it all” can help you avoid the mistakes made by many others. Having a trained advocate on your side to provide you advice and work to protect your best interests.

In addition to providing their legal training, a business attorney can give your company a different perspective on the transaction. When you are close to the deal, you can fail to identify potential issues that an objective party can spot easier. Most lawyers are detail-oriented and very good problem-solvers.

Finally, attorneys know the law and how it will apply to your agreement. In other words, your lawyer will help ensure that your contract is enforceable. A business attorney who is proficient in drafting legal documents and has experience in the courtroom, understands how the different provisions will likely be interpreted by the court. If you ever end up in a dispute over your contract, you want to know that the wording used is precise and clear in protecting your company under the law.

You may be wondering if using the legal forms found online is an adequate substitute for using an attorney. The answer is “no.” The forms found on the internet are very general and they use vague language. They do not implement the specific law of your state or provide other distinct protections that a skilled lawyer provides.

If you need the advice and guidance of an experienced business attorney, contact our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable attorneys. We can help make sure you are protected under your legal documents and if a dispute arises, we will work diligently to obtain the best possible outcome in your case.