Superstar Athletes Have Lawyers/Agents—Why not Superstar Executives?

Why does a high-powered Senior Executive need a lawyer to negotiate his or her Employment Agreement?

A brief story illustrates: A former general counsel of a $25 billion Fortune 100 company was negotiating an agreement with a new employer. He is the prototypical high-powered executive, and a great lawyer. Surely, after negotiating transactions worth hundreds of millions for his company, he could negotiate his own Employment Agreement. Yet he was hamstrung by the conflict of negotiating the best deal for himself and the desire not to rock the boat with his new employer. He needed to turn to an experienced advisor who could negotiate a multi-million dollar contract on his behalf. He could let his lawyer take the heat while he remained above the fray.

Employment Agreements

MAILLY LAW represents senior executives in the planning, drafting and negotiation of their executive employment contracts and related agreements.

Attorney Mailly

With over 36 years of experience providing sophisticated legal advice on corporate matters and related litigation, Mailly Law exclusively represents senior executives in planning, negotiating, and litigating all aspects of their executive compensation packages, including employment agreements, compensation, benefits and severance agreements. Read More..