Executive Retention

Who does the CEO/Founder trust to handle his retention agreement?

  • When a company is sold, the buyer usually wants the CEO/Founder to stay available for a year or two to ease the transition.
  • The CEO/Founder knows the true strength of the business is the relationships with key clients.
  • The Company is great and valuable because the CEO/Founder puts customers first and has earned the trust of key clients.
  • The Buyer wants the CEO/Founder to maintain those relationships of trust during the transition.
  • As the CEO, wouldn’t you insist on a written contract for a multi-million dollar business deal?
  • Both the Buyer and the CEO/Founder need a Retention Agreement.
  • Most clients are referred by the M&A lawyers, because they recognize the conflict of interest. MAILLY LAW pays referral fees to referring attorneys.


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